We assist you totally in all steps for the opening of your company bank accounts.

We work with international and local top-tier banks. They are all of high quality, the client profile will determine the most appropriate bank for him. We help you to choose.

We introduce you to the Bank and assist you during the meeting with the bank officer.

Our bank assistance consists in introducing you to the Bank, in arranging the meeting with the banker, and in accompanying you to the appointment. We don’t just give you a name and a phone number to call. We are and stay with you.

It can be and it is often useful to some customers to have a bank account in Europe. To facilitate their operations in Europe, either or invest them directly in financial products and services proposed by the Bank or for any other reason that the customer considers convenient for him.

We offer you the services of a bank in Switzerland whose reputation is no more to demonstrate.

We introduce you to the Bank for your business and/or personal accounts.



We offer you a service for the establishment of your accounting and/or financial audit.

The financial audit of the companies is necessary for the renewal of certain free zone company licenses. The DMCC Free Zone, for example, requires an audit for the annual renewal of the license. The DWC Free Zone (Dubai World Central) requires that as of the second renewal. The RAK Free Zone FTZ will no more needs financial auditing for license renewals.

The accounting for the company is not a report required by the jurisdictions for the renewal of licenses. However, it is useful in establishing the financial audit report when the latter is to be produced. Also, you might want the accounting of your company, simply because you want to properly track your business management. Also, in a business partnership case, it helps to maintain a clear business insight of the company and thus prevent potential disputes between associates.


With your company name, your address and telephone reception may play a crucial role for your image.


For the investors and managers of companies, we can help you with your business. No matter the size of your business, the support of a business consultant can be very useful, and sometimes essential at specific moment of the life of your company.

Particularly the small structures, such as stores, service providers etc… may need someday an external help bringing them a new look at their organization, their development strategy, establish a new communication, optimize processes, streamline costs…