An offshore company can only be incorporated through a duly registered agent with the authorities of the jurisdiction coveted, which is obviously the case of It is the agent duty to run due diligence for any customer application. The agent evaluates and prepares the files for the incorporation of the new offshore company. He is constantly and simultaneously in communication with the customer and the authorities.

At, we don’t resell a service of offshore company formation that we purchase from a third party who pratically handles the final incorporation. We manage ourselves the incorporations, which allows us to:

  • have full control over the operations and be able to give a 100% reliable support to the customer at any time.
  • ensure complete confidentiality to the customer.
  • ensure the incorporation of your offshore company within 24H.

We wish to give real meaning to the word “service”, which is our core business. We remain available to the prospect and the customer at any time before, during and after the incorporation of the offshore company.

We assist you, free of charge, for opening the bank account with the largest international and local banks here in the UAE. All have excellent services, provide internet banking to manage your account remotely and a debit card for your payments and cash withdrawals anywhere in the world.

We are dedicated to providing the services our customers need.