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SocieteDubai is Empowering Business in Dubai, UAE Since 2011.

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An Offshore company is a legal company whose main purpose is to operate outside its designated jurisdiction or location of ownership. Except in the United Arab Emirates.


Popular offshore authorities are RAKICC and JAFZA.
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The Free zones in the UAE are excellent locations to start your business! The free zone allows 100% foreign ownership and 100% Tax-free.

Popular free zones include DMCC, IFZA, DIFC, and more.
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In the Emirates, the most popular type of company is an LLC.
A minimum of 2 shareholders and a Max of 50, whose liability is limited to their share in the Business.

Suitable for retail type activities Store, Restaurant, Cafeteria, Beauty salons and more.
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SocieteDubai.com is Empowering Business since 2011.

For over a decade, SocieteDubai.com has been providing personalized, dedicated and customized services for company formation in Dubai. We will assist you personally before, during and after incorporation.

Why SocieteDubai?

Since 2011, We have helped more over 50,000 Business owners & founder to setup there company in Dubai, UAE.

What we do?

We provide business Consulting services, International trade and Export management, Corporate finance, Sourcing and Procurement, E-Commerce, Legal services, Real estate development, Human resource management and Compliance solutions

Our 4 Simple Process

  1. Prepare Documentation
  2. Business License Application
  3. Visa Process
  4. Bank Account Opening

Are you looking to Start your Business in the UAE?

Benefits of setting
up a company in UAE

Access to Global market
UAE Residency Visa
100% Tax-Free
No Phyical Presence required
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Our Services.

Our company offers a broad selection of support services that will attend to your needs long after the business setup stage – from opening your corporate banking account to registering for VAT and managing your accounting.

Accounting & Bookkeeping
Bank Account Opening
VAT & Tax Consultancy
PRO Services
Visa services
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Top Business Setup Zones in UAE.

RAKICC-RAK International Corporate Centre

DMCC is awarded as The world’s No.1 Free Zone, There are almost 21,000 companies operating in this Freezone.

This Freezone offers trading of diverse products such as Diamonds, Gold, Food, Tea Coffee and Industrial commodities.

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RAKICC-RAK International Corporate Centre

RAKICC is one of the Fastest growing international cooperates registries with 30,000+ Companies registered.

This is ideal for Offshore company formation.

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IFZA – International Freezone

IFZA is one of the most Reliable and affordable Freezones in Dubai.

This Freezone offers Investors from around the world to access the affordable Warehouses, Residential Apartments, Hotels, Offices and Retail outlets.

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JAFZA – Jabel Ali Freezone

JAFZA is one of the largest Freezones in Dubai with 7500 companies established. Jafza accounts for almost 32 per cent of total FDI.

The Freezone is a Hub for industries like: Logistics, Food & Agriculture, E-Commerce, Petrochemicals, Automotive & Spare parts.

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DIC – Dubai Internet City

DIC is an integrated technology park that connects businesses with emerging technologies and allows them to expand their operations.

This Freezone is a home for tech companies like: Google. Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Cisco.

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KIZAD – Khalifa Industrial Zone

KIZAD is an Integrated trade, logistics and manufacturing hub in the heart of Abu Dhabi. With multimodal connectivity by sea, road, air and future rail networks.

This Freezone is a Hub for Industries like : Logistics, Manufacturing, Aluminum.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Does establishing a business in Dubai include any legal complications?2022-11-14T13:59:55+04:00

The UAE’s legal framework was created with ease of investment in mind. The process and legal requirements are quickly completed by the authorities. As a result, you won’t have to wait long to start doing business in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates.

How can I set up a Business in Dubai?2022-11-14T16:32:58+04:00

A business license is required in Dubai to open a business. The most common types of business licenses are three. Offshore, Free Zones, and the Mainland. Each license category has a different application process.

In Dubai, business setup primarily entails the following:

  • Initial approval from the competent authority, for initiation of the business.
  • After carefully examining the documents, the authority grants their legal and official approval. This comprises the investor’s name, credentials, place of residence, financial stability, and other details.
  • The AOA and MOA, the basic organizational structure, the official and commercial space, and other factors will be examined by the authorities to determine the business’ viability.
What About the Office or Commercial Premises ?2022-11-14T16:33:03+04:00

We advise you and help you identify offices or commercial premises. Some neighborhoods or free zone have rental prices that vary from single or triple. The question of the office and the available budget can also be decisive for the choice of your free zone or the type of company.

For trading, import and export activities, you may need storage solutions, local and international transport, handling of your products and goods. We bring you the logistics solutions you need.

What are the advantages of setting up a business in Dubai?2022-11-14T13:59:51+04:00

Dubai extends a warm welcome to investors. Dubai is one of the most developed cities in the world, and doing business there provides limitless opportunities. The legality, tax laws, and other official standards are created in a way that supports investment. The infrastructure is really well thought out and designed, giving you many opportunities to succeed.

What is the type of the Company can i open in UAE ?2022-11-14T16:33:08+04:00

Several types of companies are possible. We listen to you to understand your needs and constraints. We then discuss the possible solutions available to you, and validate together a final solution. We can then proceed with the administrative formalities of the creation of the company

Client Testimonials

“Finally an agent who focuses on advising the customer first before his money. It’s really nice and it makes a difference. Besides, I’m convinced that good work then leads to financial return.”

Director General, BELGIUM

This company is really “customer care” driven. From the first contact through the Live Chat to my departure from Dubai after bank account opening, I have never felt I was alone.

Business Owner, Turkey

From Algiers to Dubai, we thank you for your ongoing support.

Co-founder, Algeria

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